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Benefits of Radiator Covers

There are many benefits to covering your radiators with a made-to-measure cover by Custom Radiator Covers. Here we discuss just a few of the very good reasons to cover your old radiators with one of our designer radiator covers.

Long Low cover to fit eaves


Let’s face it radiators are not the best looking objects in your home and even when freshly painted they still collect dust and look rather ugly. A radiator cover is a very cost-effective way to spruce up your room and give it a new look.

Fixing a well-designed cover over your radiators can give your room a whole new look much cheaper than buying a designer radiator. For example, our Bradmore radiator cover has a large size of 2900mm wide by 1000mm high and that costs just £268. That also includes being painted with a primer coat ready for you to add your chosen colour when we deliver it to you. This is in comparison to a new designer radiator that will set you back at £400 plus for something of a similar size. Plus, you will need a plumber to fit your new radiator when you can easily fit your radiator cover with just a few basic tools. We even have fixing kits if required.

Create a display

Your new bespoke radiator cover from Custom Radiator Covers will have a useful shelf at the top. This can be used as a mini mantel piece giving you a display surface for ornaments or pictures. You can then hang pictures or wall art above to create a focal point in the room. This is ideal in a room where there is no fire to create a focal point.

Some of our customers have made lovely displays around their covers by adding a wall shelf in the same colour to add to the display and create height in the room. See the pictures below as to how you can create a display around your cover.

Painted or not

Our covers are available as bare sanded MDF, primed or painted in a white satin finish. If you choose a bare MDF cover we highly recommend you use a good quality primer before painting with your colour of choice. This is because MDF is highly absorbent and will soak up your paint if you don’t prime it before painting.


If you have small children, covering your radiators will help prevent serious burns. Of course, you can supervise a small child but you cannot watch their every move all the time. A cover will prevent them from leaning on or touching a very hot surface and getting nasty burns. A cover is also a good safety feature in an environment where vulnerable adults are in residence such as a care home.

Over the years we have provided hundreds of covers to adult care homes and children’s facilities such as nurseries and schools.

A child may easily burn on a radiator

Noise Reduction

Even if your heating system is new and in tip-top condition, as a radiator heats and cools you may get a few gurgles from it. A radiator cover will muffle these sounds and give you a peaceful evening.

Heat radiation

There are many conflicting stories around about whether a radiator cover will make your radiator more or less efficient at heating your room. Generally, we have discovered the following, a radiator without a cover, the heat usually travels up, usually into a window where you can lose heat before circulating around the room. With a radiator cover, the heat is channelled outwards straight into the room.

Over the years we have sold literally thousands of radiator covers and none of our customers has ever reported back that their home is not as warm as before they had the radiator covers. If you need any more information on this, just drop us a line or give us a call to discuss.


We have various contemporary and traditional designs to suit any style of home. We also have children’s covers with pretty butterflies, bunnies, stars, diamonds, cars and boats to name a few.

Some of our most popular designs are as follows:

Contemporary radiator cover designs

Traditional radiator cover designs

Children’s radiator cover designs


To ensure that your radiator cover is the best fit possible it is crucial to measure accurately. Every product on our website includes detailed measuring instructions. However, if you need any help in measuring, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.
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