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Here at Custom Radiator Covers, we strive to provide the best quality products and customer service. We love to hear from our happy customers and see how their covers look when in place in their homes.

Here is one of our latest reviews with pictures. Thank you Robin for the review and lovely feedback.


I just wanted to say a quick thanks for my radiator cover! I’m impressed with how well-made it is and it fits the radiator and the room really well. I have another off-the-shelf cheap radiator cover in my son’s room and you can really tell the difference! You make the much better one!

I’m also chuffed that it came ready assembled! Quite rare these days and I appreciate the extra effort. I got it painted and installed in a day!

Something I did which might be useful for you. I didn’t know it before installing the cover, but the wall my radiator is on isn’t quite flat, so the brackets supplied wouldn’t have worked out. It also looked quite awkward to mark where the holes would need to go in the wall through the gaps in the cover. I used a set of magnets from Amazon instead, and screwed the magnet into a recess on the sides of the cover, which allowed me to mark where the steel plate needed to go on the wall, while the top of the cover was off. It seems easier to install (though the brackets would have been easy with the top off too), easier to remove, and more forgiving on walls which aren’t dead flat. The cover is secure against the wall, but I can tip it forward if I need to remove it to get at the thermostat. I’ve attached a photo of the magnets so you can see what I mean. Anyway, thought it worth passing it on.

Finally, I’ve attached a couple of photos of the cover painted and in situ, just because I’m dead chuffed with the result!

Thanks again!

Robin Whiting”


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