Customising the Richmond Radiator Cover

Beyond the Basics: Customising the Richmond Radiator Cover for Your Unique Needs

At Custom Radiator Covers, we take pride in delivering more than just quality products; we offer solutions tailored to individual needs. Case in point: a recent customisation we made to our Richmond Radiator Cover for a discerning client.

Meeting Client Needs with Precision and Style


A radiator cover’s primary job is to enhance the look of a space while ensuring the radiator works efficiently. But what if the space around your radiator serves a dual purpose, like being the perfect spot for ambient lighting?

Our recent client had precisely this need. Positioned beside their Richmond Radiator Cover were two exquisite lamps that brought warmth and charm to the room. However, the cables from these lamps needed an organised, discreet passageway. Enter our team’s expertise!

A Tailored Solution: Grooves for Grace

Our design team, in understanding the client’s requirement, introduced additional grooves in the back of the Richmond Radiator Cover. These grooves were meticulously carved to allow the lamp cables to pass seamlessly, ensuring they remained hidden from view, preserving the room’s aesthetic integrity.

Such modifications not only highlight our dedication to customer satisfaction but also the versatility of our contemporary radiator covers and modern radiator covers. It’s not just about fitting a radiator; it’s about fitting into your lifestyle.

Your Home, Your Rules

While our range of designs, from the Richmond to our other contemporary offerings, is vast, we recognise that every home and every owner is unique. That’s why we’re more than willing to go the extra mile, ensuring our products not only fit within your space but also your vision.

More Modern Radiator Covers

Do you have a specific requirement or a unique challenge? Reach out to us. Whether it’s carving grooves, adjusting sizes, or any other customisation, we’re here to make it happen. Customising the Richmond Radiator Cover as shown in this article is just the start of what is possible at Custom Radiator Covers.

At Custom Radiator Covers, it’s not just about providing covers; it’s about crafting solutions. Explore our range today and redefine elegance in your living spaces.

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