Farrow & Ball Colour Matched Radiator Covers

One of the premium services we are proud to supply is Colour Matched Radiator Covers to Farrow and Ball paint colours.

The paint we use is a high-quality spray paint that ensures a professional smooth finish every time.

Our spray paint manufacturer works very closely with Farrow & Ball to colour match their paint colours. Our clients just need to choose the F&B colour they would like to match or contrast their home.

You can choose from a whole array of colours from deep greys to neutrals. The palette also includes blues, greens, pink/red, beiges and much more. You can see samples in our gallery below.

The paint is supplied to us in 5-litre containers, so if there is any leftover after spraying your cover we can pass that on to the customer so it can be used for touching up any daily wear and tear that may happen in a busy household. Please be aware though, that this paint is made for professional spraying equipment, but if you use a lint-free cloth, you should be able to touch up any small chips or scratches. Of course, if you don’t want the paint, we’ll hang onto it!

Colour matched radiator covers

To see all paint colours, take a look at the colour chart on the F&B website. Here are just a few random colour samples from Farrow & Ball.

Colour Matched Radiator Covers With Farrow & Ball

Matching the colour of a radiator cover to the existing decor of a room can be a good idea for several reasons:

  1. Aesthetics: A colour-matched radiator cover can blend seamlessly into the background and enhance the overall appearance of the room.
  2. Cohesion: Matching the colour of the radiator cover to the surrounding walls, furniture, or other decor elements can help create a cohesive and harmonious look in the room.
  3. Style: Choosing a colour that complements the existing decor can help maintain the desired style and aesthetic in the room.


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