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Radiator Covers are the perfect way to brighten up any room and hide old ugly radiators.

If you are revamping a room to refresh its looks, you may be decorating plus adding new furniture or accessories, but what about your poor old radiator?

No matter how many layers of paint an old style or even a more modern radiator has, it’s still a metal radiator and it’s not very pretty!

In some modern homes, a radiator is the only form of heat with no focal point fire. Adding a radiator cover not only makes a feature of your radiator, but it also helps to radiate the heat directly into the room rather than up the walls or window.

A well chosen radiator cover will add style to your room and give you somewhere to display your favourite photo frames and collectables. You can even add a group of framed prints or wall art above the cover to add a feature of interest to your room.

We have many styles of radiator covers including:

Tall radiator Covers  | Low Radiator Covers | Radiator Covers with storage

You can choose just the right size from 760mm x 600mm to 1200mm x 650mm. If your radiator is larger or smaller than our sizing, just get in touch and we’ll discuss making a cover to your perfect size.


Order any of our radiator covers as plain untreated sanded MDF, a white primed finish ready for you to paint yourself or a white satin topcoat that has already been sanded, primed and finished off to a high standard.

We spray our covers to ensure a very smooth and long lasting finish which we would recommend as we believe it gives you the best quality finish.

Colour Matching

If you want something different from white, no problem. We can colour match any Farrow and Ball paint colour. We use a high quality furniture spray paint to ensure a good colour and a perfectly smooth finish every time.

To see all Farrow and Ball colours, see our Bespoke Page

Featured Covers

Here we take a look at a selection of our most popular covers and discuss the options available.

Traditional Radiator Covers

The Newark Radiator cover

The Newark is a really stylish cover with lots of options to customise to your exact specification.

It has a hexagonal-shaped panel at the front where we fit a grill of your choice, there are six options to choose from. The heat can radiate from the slit at the top, bottom and through the grill. Each section is separated by two deep grooves which add a stylish finish to the design

As you can see from the images below, we have supplied the Newark in all shapes and sizes including the very long low radiator covers that fit perfectly under a windowsill.

Newark Radiator Covers

Newark radiator covers in various sizes

The Park Radiator Cover

We have placed the Park Radiator Cover in our Traditional range as it is one of our original and still very popular designs. However, its clean lines and slim frame means it will also lend itself to any contemporary design too.

The centre panel is a clean rectangle with clean lines and each end of the cover is marked with two shallow grooves. Between each panel, the frame is slim and stylish. As with the Newark, we have been called upon to make this cover in many different sizes some of which you can see below.

The Park radiator covers in various sizes

Contemporary Radiator Covers

The Richmond Radiator Cover  

The Richmond is a super stylish cover that will look perfect in any contemporary or traditional setting.

It has a deep frame with stylish vertical slats along its length. The positioning of the slats allows the heat to easily permeate through into the room.

This cover can be made in any size you choose and can be made to perfectly fit a radiator in any room of your home. The top of the cover is ideal for making a display of your choosing, it will look great with picture frames, your favourite collectables or even a plant that likes to be warm!

As you will see from the Richmond images below, we have made this cover in many different sizes from a small cover to cheer for a lounge to an extra long cover to fit neatly under windows.

Richmond radiator covers in various sizes

The Bradmore Radiator Cover

The Bradmore has style and panache by the bucket full! It almost looks like a piece of furniture such as a sideboard. It will cover your radiator and instantly provide a space to display your favourite collectables. This cover also works well if you have no central feature in your room such as a fireplace as it will add that much needed focal point for you.

Its smooth fronted design is easy to keep clean and even has a little twist of 1920s art deco about it.

As you can see from the images, we have been called upon to make this cover in many different sizes.

Bradmore radiator covers in various sizes

Children’s radiator Covers

Stars Radiator Cover

A radiator cover in a child’s room or in a nursery makes the room look much more appealing but more importantly, it will prevent young children from burning themselves on a hot radiator. This becomes really important if you have a baby starting to crawl and explore their surroundings. Any of our covers will make the room a safer place for your little one.

The Star cover with one large star and four smaller ones is ideal for either a boys or girls room. Remember, we can also colour match your cover to Farrow and Ball paint colours or choose a clean white satin.

Other Children’s radiator covers

Our children’s radiator covers are very popular, and we have many different designs so there is sure to be a cover to suit your style. Pictured below are just a few of our other children’s covers.

Bespoke Radiator Covers

This article has featured just a few of the radiator covers we can produce in any size you need. If you are looking for something a little different, we also have our bespoke service where you choose exactly what you would like for your home.

We can even provide built in cupboards and bookcases or shelves to create extra storage. From your ideas we can create more or less anything you need. We love a challenge and we love creating beautiful radiator covers and matching furniture for your home.

The images below show just a few of the bespoke projects we have completed for many clients.

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